Hannah Fainted – by HOlly

It was the day. The day everybody was excited and nervous. Our school decided to make us audition for a new tv program. Our teacher told us that it was going to be an amazing experience if we ended up on tv. My friend Hannah was so nervousthat she fainted. My teacher recorded it by mistake and sent it to an actor. The actor sent it to RTE !!!! WE SEEMED TO BE ON TELIVISION. Yes me and Hannah were on RTE. Me and Hannah were shocked and still are. I dont like being on tv. But Hannah does and I’m happy she likes it.

6 thoughts on “Hannah Fainted – by HOlly”

  1. Hi Holly I like your 100 word challenge its cool how that Hannah fainting can get you on tv but when it says Hannah was so nervous that she fainted there was no space

    From Emily R Hub Buddy

  2. Hi Holly .I love your story. I am really surprised she fainted. I might have fainted too if I had a chance like that to be on RTE . I wonder how the teacher sent the video so fast -that was a very strange mistake .
    Please comment on mine at Tadhg Mrs Boyce’s class.

  3. Hi Holly
    your story was great
    Were did the teachers get the idea to be on a show
    I hope that you keep up the great work

    From Sean

    Mrs Boyces 5 th class

  4. Hi Holly I’m from Bidston Avenue and my name is Violet. Great 100 word challenge just check were you typed nervous that you forgot the finger space between it

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