Hamadryad by Rose

Hamadryad, or Dryad is a tree spirit, or Tree Nymph and is a mythological being that lives in a particular tree which makes them a particular Nymph, Hamadryads are bonded to a certain tree and takes the form of a beautiful women, she is very kind and shy and is friends with the Goddess Artemis, how is caring to most Nymphs.”

”Wow Papa! She sounds great!” A young Ashton exclaimed. He was always happy when Papa told him stories of Dryad. He one day told Papa that he was going to find Drayad’s tree, to talk to her and help her with looking after the forest. ”You will get hurt son.” But after some begging, Papa gave in. Even as a kid, he journeyed to the deepest parts of the forest where Dryad’s tree was said to be. He met many creatures and they guided him in his journey to Dryad. Until one day he found her.

3 thoughts on “Hamadryad by Rose”

  1. I am interested in your story Rose but why did you put “A young Ashton exclaimed” that is something that I don’t understand so if you could respond to this comment.

  2. That is quite the cliffhanger, Rose! It makes me wonder what the Dryad ended up being like. It’s great how you linked the tree in the prompt to a mythological figure. Ashton sounds very brave to have gone looking for the Dryad, despite his age. Keep writing!

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