Halloween Night by Ryan

On Sunday it was Halloween my mum decided to have a fancy dress party. We all had costumes and we bought lots of goodies for the trick or treaters. We decorated the house and invited our neighbours and friends. First we went trick or treating and then we played games. One game was when we dunked our heads into basins of water looking for apples and one was when a whistle blew and everybody disappeared. It was kind of like the hide and seek game. We has great fun and everybody went home happy. I helped my Mum clean up afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Halloween Night by Ryan”

  1. I love Halloween Ryan. Sounds like you do too! You’ve worked the prompt in very well to tell a great story. Well done.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening Ryan. I’m pretty sure I’ve played the apple dunking game, and hide and seek of course, though not on Halloween. We didn’t used to celebrate Halloween in the same way when I was young (I’m getting on a bit!). What kinds of decorations would you use for Halloween? I guess it’s not tinsel and holly? And can I say, if you helped clear up afterwards, good on yer!
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

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