Halloween Night Jessica M

Bang! The fire works were getting set off as Ellie went trick or treating, her bag was almost full so Ellie decided that she would head back home. After a while of trying to get back home, Ellie did not know where she was. All she knew was that there was a house right in front of her. Ellie walked closer to it and went in. She saw a witch and was about to run when she spotted a cape at the door. Beside the cape it had a label and it said that the cape was invisible. Ellie grabbed it and put it on, then she walked all around the house and looked around without the witch even knowing. Ellie heard a noise it was the witch. She was looking for her cape “oh but where did it go?” she shouted in horror…

2 thoughts on “Halloween Night Jessica M”

  1. Hi Jessica I loved your story because it is a Halloween story.
    It reminded me of Harry Potter.
    I wonder did she get away?

    From Dylan,
    Mrs Boyces Class

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