Hairdressers by Abby

It was a beautiful day for the hairdressers so Mya and Leona set off for their appointment. Mya got a fringe and the fringe was called eggs-here and Leona got a trim and it was called black-melon. On the walk to the car they were jumping and giggling, they were so excited. They got home and their mam wasn’t very happy and told them to go and have a bath and they also washed their new flickering hair do’s. That day Leona thought its was all about their hair. In an incoherent way Mya gasped “its not about our hair” .

One thought on “Hairdressers by Abby”

  1. Hi Abby
    You put the prompt in a different way than all the other ones I read.
    It reminded me of Shrek.
    Who is your sister?
    Bye for now Marc
    Mrs Boyces Class.

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