Granny is a Ghost by Amy

One day I decided to visit my granny. I knocked on the door and she answered it.

“Hi granny”I said.

“Hello come inside”said granny.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I was horrified. She was missing! I tried calling for her but then realized she was a ghost. Her long dress was floating in the air and realized it was her.

“Granny i-…is that you?”I asked.

“Yes……it is,” said granny.

I was shocked. I went back to the bath room and 5 minutes later I came back and there she was. Standing there.

“Oh granny I’m so happy your back!”

One thought on “Granny is a Ghost by Amy”

  1. Hi Amy! We did the same prompt! I like how you used elipse. (Putting more than one period.) You did a good job at using quotes. What is your granny’s name? Maybe next time you should include granny’s name. That was very good!

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