Grandad Shrunk by Daniel

It was a normal weekend for Tom and Grandad, but today will be different. While Tom and Grandad were watching TV someone kicked the door down. “IF ANYONE’S IN HERE GIVE US YOUR MONEY!” one of them yelled. Tom told Grandad to call the cops but then Grandad shrunk. He ran off to stop the robbers. Another robber walked in but he was skinnier then the other one. Suddenly Grandad pushed the door in front of him and ran off. “If only it was a bit smaller” the other one said but Grandad knocked him over. The robbers ran off and Grandad turned back.

4 thoughts on “Grandad Shrunk by Daniel”

  1. Daniel,
    A nice piece of write-up, though not a nice situation to be in, with robbers barging into your house.
    Good choice to bring in the prompt; i didn’t expect it to come up so!!
    Keep up the good work, and, Keep on writing, Daniel.

  2. Hi Daniel
    I love all your writing i like all of your writing I like how you said when I was watching tv someone kicked the door down I love that part of the story
    by Charlie

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