My Grandad and His Friend – by Daniel

My grandad always told me about his friend and all their adventures they had as children. He’d tell me about them playing in the woods and swimming in the river. I always wanted to meet my Grandad’s friend he sounded like great fun to be around. Then one day my Grandad asked me if I’d like to go and meet his friend. I was so excited. We got the train into town. We sat down on a bench and a few minues later a man dressed quite funny sat down, it was my grandads friend it was great to meet him. We chatted and laughed for hours.

One thought on “My Grandad and His Friend – by Daniel”

  1. Ah Daniel, Aren’t granddads just the best? Unfortunately, mine passed away several years ago, but I know Sam and his granddad (my dad) are extremely close. Grandads are just fabulous for their great stories about old times. Thankyou for sharing this lovely story about you and your Grandad.

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