Goosebumps by Darragh

On Friday the 13th there were three kids. They were at
a house but they didn’t know that the house used to be a
jail. One of the kids heard a noise. It sounded like a sword
scratching against a wall. Then he said “help! help!” until
one of the other kids saw him. He was his friend
Mike. But then the door shut, then the lock clicked and the
kids started to shout “help! help!” But no one heard
them. The lock clicked open, the door opened and
it was a psycho killer. He killed the kids.

2 thoughts on “Goosebumps by Darragh”

  1. Good heavens Darragh, that’s a scary story!!! I thought that the kids were going to escape right at the end – so it was a nice twist that I didn’t expect that they didn’t get out alright! I suppose that’s a lesson for kids going into mysterious houses – don’t! Keep up the great work!

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