Golden Bracelet by Rose

It was a sleepover at Jasmin’s house, and her friends, Jake and Jayden were invited, they were talking about their lives at school.

They then started to talk about a young girl who used to live at their street, her name was Kana and she died of a ‘cursed’ golden bracelet, they say that if you see a golden bracelet in your room or worse, on your wrist, it means Kana wants to kill you.

‘Do you want anything to drink?” Jasmin asked.

Both asked for juice, so Jasmin went downstairs.

While she was filling the cup with juice she noticed a gold bracelet on her wrist.

”Huh, I don’t remember putting it on..” She suddenly started to feel dizzy and right before she dropped to the ground, she saw a figure of a little girl giggling.

2 thoughts on “Golden Bracelet by Rose”

  1. Wow I like this story lot its the perfect combination of scary and making you want to read it again in the next next 100 wc challenge can you please PLEASE make a part 2 😔😞🥺.

  2. Kia ora Rose. Spooky story but I love it! Well done, you’ve done a great job of setting the scene and creating atmosphere – building up to the chilling ending. Keep rising to the 100 Word Challenge Rose!

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