The Gnome That Loved Sweets – Hannah

Once upon a time there lived a gnome who loved sweets,well I am not surprised because he lived in a candy land. There was one little problem all the sweets have being stolen! One gnome decided to go and find more sweets.
He set of on his journey. On the way he saw a house. He said to him self I am getting tired so he climbed over the gate, and just as he climbed over he saw a jar of sweets he ran over to the jar and started to push it. Then it fell over and all the sweets fell out!

One thought on “The Gnome That Loved Sweets – Hannah”

  1. Well done on writing a super story Hannah! I’ll bet that the gnome was very happy to have all the sweets that fell out of the jar. I hope he didn’t eat them all – or else he might need a trip to the dentist! Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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