Giant Wolf by Mya

One morning a giant woke up as a wolf but he was the same size. He went down stairs and his family thought he was so cute especially his little sister. He went to school and everybody called him. He howled and the bully said to his friend’s awwwww as it let out a pitiful howl. He growled and bit them. He got expelled and started to cry. He dawdled home. He scratched at the door but no one answered. So he dawdled away and his neighbour Ally picked him up and and hugged him. He became happy. He lived his life with Ally and never changed back to a normal giant.

2 thoughts on “Giant Wolf by Mya”

  1. I have seen a movie like this except with the giant
    You did a great job
    Maybe if you add more adverbs but you did great with this story

  2. Hello Mya. Gee, a giant wolf would be a scary thin! I like how you were able to show that the wolf/giant had a softness to him even though he was big and sometimes was dangerous (would bite when bullies picked on him). I also like how you showed a hug can make you feel happy. Well done.

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