Garry Lotter by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a boy named Garry.

Garry’s master sent him on a mission to go to a good looking buliding.

When he walked in it looked ugly and there was a goblin in the candy bar.

The goblin said” watch out for the ghost!”

The goblin stayd at the candy bar.

Garry went up the stairs and a ghost scared himbut the ghost was his friend.

Slowly, Garry found a BIKE!

Garryrode out of there like lighting and said over,over and over” I am riding shotgun underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone.”

3 thoughts on “Garry Lotter by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver! I really liked your story!! I like how Garry Lotter rhymes with Harry Potter because I love Harry Potter. A grow I would give is the word “stayed” is spelled incorrectly. A glow I would give is that I liked how Garry finds a bike!

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