Gamer by Oliver

Once upon a time there was a gamer who drank Cola and ate flaming red Cheetos.

His friends always got games before him but he always got better than them.

There was one game everybody was better at it then the gamer.

He played all day and night but he still could not win.

The next day he asked for help so people said, “if you help us, we will help you.”

He helped them out but the people did not help him.

He was crying all day and night.

The next day he hacked so people lost all their things.

5 thoughts on “Gamer by Oliver”

  1. Hi I really liked your story well done !! I fell bad for the people that got hacked Ms Boyce 5th class Cork Ireland

  2. Hi Oliver I wanted to give you information about your story. I read through it and I think you could change the word as it says ‘hacked’ as it confuses me;]…Furthermore I think your story is great as it is.
    From Fin.

  3. Hi your story was good I think the gamer needs to practice more. You should make another story about what happened to the people who got hacked. I really liked the story.

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