The Fun Fair – by Daniel

One day there was a Fun-Fair.  But it was not a normal one.  Elvis Presley was going to be there.  Everybody loved him. A boy called Aaron went on the winder, in the Fun- Fair with his dad and Elvis. But then the lock clicked and they started to spin. Faster and faster it went, but in the corner of Aaron’s eye, he saw Bruce Springsteen.  He told them to stop the ride.  They got off quickly, and ran to Bruce.  ”Bruce!” said Elvis. ”Elvis!”said Bruce. They had a big fight to see who was better.  Aaron won.

3 thoughts on “The Fun Fair – by Daniel”

  1. Wow, two huge pop stars – Aaron must have been star struck! Well, until he won the fight that is! I’d love to meet a celebrity like that. Who would you like to meet, Daniel? Super work on your story this week, well done!

  2. That certainly was a fun fair with a difference. Did you know that Elvis was Elvis Aaron Presley? Whatever hope we have of meeting Bruce Springsteen, we have absolutely no chance of meeting Elvis! Well done – great story!

  3. This really made me smile, Daniel. I certainly didn’t expect to read a story with Elvis and Bruce Springsteen in it, what a wonderful imagination you have!

    I like the way you have structured your story, you have kept it simple but still included enough detail to make it interesting.
    Miss T

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