Freaky Gallery by Donnchadh

It was a very cold December night. My mum and I went to our local gallery. When we were walking down a long corridor the lights went out.

‘ A power cut, typical!’ said mum.

There was a loud banging noise coming from the main exhibition room.

As we were walking towards it a ghostly figure appeared from the gloom. It looked like a lady in a long old fashioned dress, with a freaky hat on.

We screamed and then turned around. We ran as fast as we could and left the way we came in.

Who said art was boring?

2 thoughts on “Freaky Gallery by Donnchadh”

  1. What a fantastic response to the challenge! It is written clearly and held my interest throughout. The mum’s comment when the lights went out were so authentic. You could just imagine that she would say that. It worked really well too as it lulled you into thinking this is something that happens all the time so you don’t have anything to worry about. BUT, yes we did, you changed the whole story around, and then your last sentence is just great. Well done.

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