France by Niamh

It was the Summer holidays, I was going to France. When we got there, we went to get some shopping. The next day we went to a museum. We were walking around and something caught my eye. I asked my mam could I go and have a look. My mam said “yes”. As I got closer I realised, it was a statue of two people. One of them was giving the other one a tissue. The statue looked ancient. My mam followed me and said ” that is from World War II. I said “ OMG”, I was amazed by how old it was.

One thought on “France by Niamh”

  1. Hi Niamh – well done on writing your 100 word story. I love looking at statues too because it’s always cool to learn about history. It is so interesting! World War II is especially interesting. Well done again and keep up the great work!

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