The Football Match – by Leah

On Friday my brother and I went to a football match.It was Ireland against Sweden and I was really excited.
“Who do you think is going to win?”
We arrived at the football match and we sat in our seats.We were in row L the first letter of my name and seats three and four.I sat in number three because it’s my lucky number.The match was about to begin and then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared.The man blew the whistle again and we disappeared to Australia.
“Where are we?”
“Your dream holiday”

2 thoughts on “The Football Match – by Leah”

  1. Leah I’d have to say that your magic number really holds some great magic for you! What a fun story to read and I like to imagine disappearing to one’s dream holiday. Nice work using the prompt in a very imaginative way; keep up the good work!

  2. Wow Leah! I’m guessing this is all a fabulous dream! I hope you weren’t too disappointed when you woke up. More importantly though – did Ireland win the match. Great work Leah. I enjoyed your story.

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