Food Fight by Leon

The UK (United Kokonut) vs the USA (United Sausages of the Avocado). It started as just an argument of the Amazing Avocado and the Cool Kokonut. Some fruits say it’s all becouse of Mr. Kokonut that had demanded more kokonut trees and if he didn’t get them he would send his army with vinegar guns to melt down Amazing Avocado’s sausage army. Some also say that the Amazing Avocado screamed and shouted: “NO!! On weapon try outs the vinegar was too sharp and got banned. As soon as he said that an army jumped out and and melted every sausage in the room but the Amazing Avocado escaped and called war.

One thought on “Food Fight by Leon”

  1. Hi Leon
    I liked the names of the countries .
    I hope that the United sausages win the war.
    I’m not a big fan of Uk (United Kokonuts)
    Goodbye Leon
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s 5th Class

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