Fast Tigers by Rhys

‘Where are we?’ shouted Ben.

‘It looks like we are in tiger cages’ said Tom. The tigers were rose and blue. ‘What? When? How did we get here?’

‘Don’t look behind you’. ROAR.


‘Are they going to eat us’.

‘Maybe’ said Tom.

‘Should we run?’

‘Let’s go.’

‘Which way to the shops’? It panted.

‘The shops are just down the road.’

‘Okay I can hide there while the tigers look for me’.

‘Where are they hiding?’

‘I might buy some clothes while I’m in here. Where has Tom gone? Please say he didn’t get eaten?’

‘Nope, I am right behind you!’ said Tom.

2 thoughts on “Fast Tigers by Rhys”

  1. Hi Rhys.
    I like the part where they run to the shops.
    It reminds me of a YouTube video I watched.
    I wonder did the tigers find them.

    Bye for now, from Adam Mrs Boyces 5th class.

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