Farmers by Oliver

In the old days farmers had to kill a lot of animals . There were two types of animals that were hard to kill. One of them was a angry bull. The second one was a harry goat. I know that, I wrote two, but there is a third one and it is a cute horse. As a result, if a farmer killed one of them, he would chop off its head and put it on a stick . Now they putted concrete over it, and put it in a museum, so people can look at it .

3 thoughts on “Farmers by Oliver”

  1. Hi Oliver, what a nice simple and easy to read story you have done for your 100WC, thank you. I really like the idea of the concrete being put over the heads of the dead animals, very creative of you. Your short sentences also helped to create a sense of movement through the writing. Well done with this story.

  2. Hi Oliver.
    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    I don’t know why would the farmers kill a Harry goat.
    It would be very rude to kill a cute horse so I know why they would chop your head off.
    Goodbye for now,
    From Mikolaj,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  3. Hi Oliver
    I like your story because it is short simple and creative.
    Also liked the language you used.
    I wonder what meuseum the heads are in?
    bye for now Mathew O G Mrs Boyces class

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