Fantastic Mr Fox by Adam

Fantastic Mister Fox was a very clever fox. he lived in a hole under a tree.  There were three men who wanted to kill the Fox.  Fantastic Mister Fox was always was lucky but the three men always had no luck at all. The  names of the three men were Bean, Boggis and Bunce. Bean was a turkey farmer. Boggis was a chicken farmer and Bunce was a duck and goose farmer. Every evening Mister Fox went to one of the farmers to catch something for his dinner. Every day the farmers  tried to shoot him but Mister Fox was too clever to catch him.

2 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr Fox by Adam”

  1. Hi Adam. Great story. Did Mr.Fox have a family? He must have been clever to avoid being shot everyday. I’d like to hear more of your stories. ShaneC 5th Mrs.Boyces class.

  2. Hi Adam – Mr Fox must have been very smart to out-fox the farmers everyday! It sounds like he has nice dinners every day. Good for him! Well done – keep up the good work!

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