The Family of Stone Robots – Cillian

Today the 100 word challenge is about a picture of a family. It is not your normal picture of a family. It is a picture of robos turned to stone.  There is a mammy, a daddy and a young child standing in the middle of a town. Tey seem to be talkig to each other. I imagine them standing there giving out to each other, blaming each other as to why the king of Singapore turned them into stone robots.  I also thing that they were probably turned into this because they robbed food, because they were hungry and poor. This is against the law.

5 thoughts on “The Family of Stone Robots – Cillian”

  1. Hi Cillan
    I love your story because all the words you used.
    Can you please comment on my story on miss boyce’s class.
    Bye from Conor

  2. Cillian,
    You have made many theories about the stone family. So sad that there are people who resort to stealing food to feed themselves, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing your writing.
    Keep Writing!
    Mrs. G., Hub Buddy Teacher, Guilderland, NY, USA

  3. Hi Cillian,
    thank you for your writing about the stone statues in Singapore. You have a really clear idea as to how and why the statues got there. Your writing feels like a plan for a really good story with the poor family driven to robbing for food and the King of Singapore showing no mercy.
    I noticed a few typing mistakes Cillian, so I would suggest you always check your spellings (spellcheck if using a computer is ideal) to really how your work off.

    Well Done
    Debbie Team100, Bristol, England

  4. This could be me and my family as there are only three of us! However, I hope we never have to resort to stealing food and then find ourselves turned into stone!

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