Explosions by Abby

“Kayla, Mya, come look” This musical is so elegant, its Irish dancing”. They were really enjoying it then everything stopped and the ground began to shake, was it going to explode?. Jet planes came flying down to save everyone. They took off like a flash of lightning. Kayla found fungus all over her seat. It was the only seat left, she asked her mam could she swap “sure honey i’ll do anything for you”. As well as getting a clean seat she got to sit beside Mya. They landed safely on the moon just floating all over, then she heard her alarm and woke up from her dream.

One thought on “Explosions by Abby”

  1. Hi Abby I liked your story because I did not expect it to be a dream .
    I wonder why they had to go to the moon?
    It reminds me of a dream I had before.

    Mrs Boyces Class

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