Everywhere by Rose

This heat was unbearable but I still had to work over this hot weather.

“Did you find anything yet?”

“Sorry, not yet but I’m close”

I was working as a scientist trying to discover new information about any living species or animals but recently that job has been postponed for at least a month.

There has been a report that fireworks or any sort of trap set a long time ago has been going off at random. It is a threat and I was locating any sort of cluster with explosives or traps.

I was overwhelmed with the heat, finding the traps and having to keep up with every new change and updating every file with information.


I’m able to see what is around our a city in,




“…I-I, huh? Fireworks?”

They were everywhere. Fireworks planted everywhere. Near houses and rivers, buildings and schools and near some of the only lush, green forests.

And I didn’t know when they would go off.

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  1. Hi my class writes 100 word challenges too. You have a great story it kept me at the edge of my seat. What happens when the fireworks go off?

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