Every Little Helps by Donnchadh

At 12:00pm the fire station got a report that a fire was out of control in a dry field, they rushed to there fire truck and they sped out of the fire station.

When they got there the fire was already destroying the habitat they had to do something quickly, they got to work putting out the fire it was ok at first but when the wind Blow the scorching ash and fire blow on to us!, we had to call for backup when we did we were so far away from the city fire stations, they said it will be 1 hour before they get here so we called the fire helicopter to put at the fire.

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  1. Greetings from Australia Cliona. I can see you generate interesting ideas for your writing. Remember to re-read, and edit for punctuation before you publish (or ask a friend to help you). Accurate punctuation makes it easy for readers to understand your writing. 🙏😊

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