Escape from School by Hayden

One day at the very start of school, my friends and I decided at yard time we were going to play hide and seek. I was on at hide and seek and my friend hid. I counted to 50, but, when I was finished, I turned around, I didn’t see anyone, they must have escaped from school, but where were they going? where could they be?. Me and my other friends told teacher that my friends had escaped school. Teacher told me then, that while I was counting with my eyes closed, she called my friends in for choir practice, and I didn’t know. So that is where they are now, Phew, that’s a relief I thought they had escaped from school.

2 thoughts on “Escape from School by Hayden”

  1. Oh, Hayden, school surely isn’t so bad that you have to *escape* is it?! You make it sound like your friends were breaking out of a prison! I sometimes find that – that when people aren’t where you expect them to be, that you really aren’t sure where they are! Keep up the good work!

  2. This story made me laugh Hayden. Like Mr. Russell says, when you describe the boys as ‘escaping’ from school, you make it sound like they were in prison. I can’t imagine school is like that whatsoever. I know De La Salle certainly isn’t like that. Sam is one happy little chappie going in every morning – well okay then… most mornings 😉

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