Engineer by Oliver

‘Welcome engineer class, build something to impress me and you have two weeks to do it’, said the teacher.

One week later, Tom started the project.

Tom bought a red and black shiny bike.

Half a week later, he is relaxing.

The last day, and he is still relaxing.

‘So, what have you made Tom?’ said teacher.

‘I made a bike,’ said Tom.

‘Wow! you have one week to upgraded or else you are expelled’, said teacher.

He added an engine and rocket but then it just wouldn’t take off.

He tried and tried and nothing happened, so he got an F.

5 thoughts on “Engineer by Oliver”

  1. Well done Oliver, your writing is really improving. You have a great imagination and I enjoy reading your stories.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Oliver,

    Wow! A rocket attached to a bike! Too bad it just wouldn’t take off. I bet that Tom would have finished it to impress the engineering teacher if he wasn’t slacking off! You have a great imagination. I can imagine somebody trying to turn in a bike they bought at a store for an engineering project. I enjoyed reading your prompt.

    -from Jimmy, Illinois, USA

  3. Hello Oliver.
    I like the part where he has to upgrade the bike.
    I wonder why he would have gotten expelled?

    Bye from Adam Mrs Boyce 5th.

  4. Hey! I had to do a school project too! It was so hard! I can’t believe he got an F! A rocket and an engine attached to a bike is so cool! One suggestion I have for you is that you try and combine your sentences to make it more interesting. It won’t be like one sentence. You can at least have two ideas in one sentence. Other than that, you did very good! I loved your story! 😁

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