Emergency Landing by Aaron

” This is the last call for the flight to Brisbane,” announced the man behind the intercom. Luckily everyone got on the flight. Some people including Seán saw that there had been a package fully covered put into the cargo. Maybe it was just somebody’s cat or dog that was left behind. Seán was very suspicious of this but he just forgot about it. 3 hours had gone by and suddenly the plane had to land in the water because a strange noise had been heard in the cargo. Everyone was evacuated as it let out a pitiful howl. Seán was in horror as the plane went ablaze.

One thought on “Emergency Landing by Aaron”

  1. Hi Aaron –
    Your 100WC short story makes me wonder what was in the cargo hull–and whether the howling creature was able to escape. I like how you begin your story as if it’s a normal flight with perhaps a cat or dog left unattended, but, within a few lines, the story’s entire trajectory changes to one of fear and chaos. Nice work, Aaron. – Mrs. Rombach from Team100Wc, Virginia, USA

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