Eden’s Birthday

On day Eden’s dad got a big bag with stuff inside it. Eden wanted to see what was inside because it was his birthday in 2 days. Eden thought that it could be his birthday presents.  His brother came downstairs and said what are you doing? Eden said  he want to know what was inside the bag. His brother said to open it. His dad came into the sitting room and heard everything that thae were saying and said do not open the box, but l had to see what was inside he thought. He was so happy for his presents.

One thought on “Eden’s Birthday”

  1. I can imagine how excited Eden would be to see his dad with a big bag of goodies, so close to his birthday! It sounds like he was happy in the end though, although I wonder if he would have been happier if he had waited until his actual birthday?
    Thank you for sharing,
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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