Dull to Bright by Kyle

Zac was walking through his town on New Year’s Day. He had a great night last night, drinking fizzy drinks, eating sweets and staying up late. Today he was quite tired as he walked down to his hurling training. He noticed that there was something different about the place. ‘It’s not like last year,’ he thought. He looked around and realised what it was. Instead of everything being grey and dull, all the buildings were colourful and bright. The council must have done it up overnight! He marvelled at the sight, along with everyone else. This was a historic moment for such a small town.

One thought on “Dull to Bright by Kyle”

  1. The description in your story made me feel like I was there too, Kyle. I can understand how Zac felt walking down the street on the first day of the year because you have contrasted that with the fun he had had the night before. You have also contrasted the grey and dull feel of the town with the bight and colourful buildings. I think the use of the word ‘marvel’ just sums it up!

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