Downstairs – by Criag

I am a spider, the last one alive. I have a friend, a mouse called William. Also I have a pet Dragon. His name is Burt, he is around two years old. We livein your attic.

We will explore downstairs today.

Downstairs we heard “Mum whats four + four?” We heard no response. At the bottom floor we saw a camera we seemed to be on the television is what I thought. Suddenly “DAD THERE IS A MOUSE!” she screamed.

The Dad got an axe and sliced it down on William and he died.

I got on Burt’s back and we flew away.

5 thoughts on “Downstairs – by Criag”

  1. Oh dear, I wasn’t expecting that ending! Poor William…
    I’m glad you were able to escape on Burt’s back though.
    How handy to have a dragon for a friend.

    Thanks for your story, Criag. I enjoyed it, despite it’s sad ending. Gee, humans can be cruel sometimes.

    I like how you included speech marks in your story. Your thought about being on television should probably be in speech marks too, although the wording is a little bit confusing . That’s the tough bit about having a prompt with past tense in it though!

    I’m looking forward to reading more of your work,

    Melbourne, Australia

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