Dog 100 w/c by Mya

I was going to my dance class on my scooter. While I was scooting I fell on the concrete ground. Suddenly a red fluffy dog came up to me,I fell in love with it. I got up and went to my dance class and went in. When I was finished the dog was waiting for me. I lifted up the fluffy dog slowly and brought it home. I showed my mam and she shouted at me. She grabbed him out of my hands and put it outside. I pushed my mam out of the way and ran out the front door after the dog……..

2 thoughts on “Dog 100 w/c by Mya”

  1. Hi mya, this story was very simple i like that the dog was red that was weird to picture in my mind but i got it. Why did mam through the dog outside? Was it bc he was red.

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