Deserted Island by Josh

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH I screamed while robbing a parachute off some fat dude and jumping off a flaming plane and landing on a deserted island. I landed beside a staircase but it wasn’t any old stairs, well it was, it was about a billion years old. There was a hard bit walking up the stairs, I wish I never had the McMór from McDonalds!! I couldn’t believe what I saw. There were millions of people. The whole land was made of candy and everybody was on Segways. Then I saw a war going on between aliens, candy men and humans.
‘’Wake up’′ roared my teacher, ‘’it’s a maths test!!‘’

One thought on “Deserted Island by Josh”

  1. What a very rude teacher to wake you up from that lovely dream – and all for a Maths Test!!!! Great story Josh. It made me laugh. I particularly liked the bit where you wished you never had the McMor from Mc Donalds…. One question though… What’s a McMor??

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