Desert Island by Aaron

I am bruised and bleeding after crashing into the pacific ocean. My name is James Byrne and I have invented a lot of instruments like the violin and the cello. I have walked for about 2 hours, I am tired and thirsty and need food. I stopped and slept for a good while and started walking again.’ OMG I can see the rescue helicopter I have reached the other side of Desert Island’. The last thing I had to walk through was green prickly cacti then I would safely leave the island. That is an adventure I will never forget.

One thought on “Desert Island by Aaron”

  1. Dear Aaron,
    I like how you include a beginning, middle, and end to your story. Good use of the five random words you were given. The story makes sense.
    Keep writing!

    Mrs. Silver
    Team 100
    Illinois, USA

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