Deep Blue Lake by Rose

”W-what is this place” I asked myself after a deep sleep. I found myself in a thick green grass field in front of a huge cherry blossom tree with beautiful reds, pinks and peaches. I slowly got up, still feeling tired and noticed my clothes changed into an ice silk soft blue nightdress, I slowly stood up and saw a mist dancing in front of a deep blue lake, it felt like it the aura around it was comforting and enchanting, with vines curling around it’s concrete walls. the plants around had a fluffy texture. On the side of the lake was a scooter kayak, I got on it mindless and sailed into the deep blue lake.

2 thoughts on “Deep Blue Lake by Rose”

  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Rose. It is not easy to weave five random words into a coherent text, but you did it seamlessly. Your careful choice of vocabulary made a vivid picture in my mind. I can see the effort you have put into using commas to increase the complexity of your sentences. Remember to re-read and edit before you publish. This will help you to avoid run on sentences. 😊

    1. Nice story
      Good job using descriptive words
      You forgot to capitalize the word THE at the beginning of a sentence and you used a lot of run on sentences:)

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