Dectective by Oliver


“Calm down.What happened?” the detective asked.

“My husband got shot and the murderer has disappeared!” she said.

” Buy how could she just disappear?”the Detecive said.

“I don’t know?”she said.

Now he had no idea were to start

“Let’s go to the house!” said the Decetive.

So he went to the house where the husband got murdered and his blood was raspberry and rudy red.

“Mmm. The husband’s blood is fresh so the murderer is not far, but he maybe got shot from far?” said the Decetive.

“Oh yeah she said that she saw him get shot so he was not shot from far.” said the Decetive.

4 thoughts on “Dectective by Oliver”

  1. Hey Oliver,
    I really enjoyed your story,
    I’m not a fan of those kind of stories but your one in particular was extremely good.
    From Naglis
    Mrs Boyce’s Class

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  2. Hi Oliver
    I really enjoyed reading your story.
    However I feel bad for the wife’s husband
    I hope that they will catch the murderer.
    Bye Oliver
    From Tim
    Mrs Boyce’s 5th Class St Colman’s BNS

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