The Death Whistle – by Wonder

Nila came out to yard to play with her friend, Kandy. When they were in the middle of the game the bell rang.

While Kandy and Nila were waiting for Ms Burkley, a young, peculiar man came from the gate.
“Hello,” said the man. “Don’t do your ordinary homework.For homework, bring in a million euro and bring a note for your homework.”

The next day no one brought in a million euro , except for this lunatic, Anna.

The man came in the same time as yesterday waiting for a million euro. None of us brought it in. The man got a whistle and said to the whistle :Let what Anna dearest wants and let it be desired.

Next,he said to the whistle : Let these young stubborn kids die!

And then a whistle blew and everyone disappeared to a place full of darkness.

One thought on “The Death Whistle – by Wonder”

  1. I’m not surprised nobody had a million euro to hand over to this very strange man! I know if I was there I’d have been ‘whistled away’ to the pace full of darkness too.

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