Dad’s 12th Birthday by Bartosz

It’s my 12th birthday in a week me and my dad had a conversation about when he was younger. Back in his day you didn’t get much presents. I asked him what was the favourite present he got. ‘A yellow bike with wheels that could stick’, he said.  I was so confused, ‘sticky wheels?’ I said. He got it for his 12th birthday he had a big party he got about four presents he said. After a while he got a bike as his final present. As soon as he got it, heand his cousin rode it but he hit a rock and flipped the bike and it landed in a weird position. It broke, he was so sad.

3 thoughts on “Dad’s 12th Birthday by Bartosz”

  1. Hi Bartosz
    I liked this story because it reminds me of my dad’s birthday
    I wonder the bike had sticky wheels
    From Warren Mrs Boyces 5th class

  2. I love this story i reminds me of my dads birthday to. I wonder if my bike has sticky wheels to.

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