Crystal’s Very Funny Day by Ben

Crystal was insanely crafty, loved to sketch, loved to draw nice white castles with one thousand rooms. One day Crystal was walking through a dark, spooky wood with leaves rolling gently. As she was walking through the wood she had seen a large, wooden, monstrosity of a door. Crystal was going to ignore it but she was too curious so she had to see what was inside. She was astonished to see her drawing IN REAL LIFE! She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and shouted “It’s a dream come true LITERLLY!” As she walked to the castle she looked back to see if the door was there, it wasn’t.

4 thoughts on “Crystal’s Very Funny Day by Ben”

  1. Ben,
    Your piece was suspenseful and delightful. I felt so pleased for Crystal’s discovery. Then, at the end, I was gripped with fear for her as the door had seemingly vanished. You have great word choices such as ‘insanely crafty’ and ‘monstrosity of a door’.
    Keep writing.
    Mrs. G., Team 100 and Buddy Class Teacher, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi Ben

    I liked the part where she found out hat her drawing was behind the door

    Bye From Keelan

    Mrs Boyce’s class

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