Crash by Kyle

Crash, Joe’s pet octopus, was sometimes a handful to control. One March morning, while the sunlight coming through the gap in the blinds blinded Joe, Crash had one of his weird moments. They were both in the kitchen, munching on Cornflakes together. Suddenly, Crash started smashing everything around him by swinging his tentacles. He smashed the piano and Joe’s new glistening white chandelier. ‘CRASH’, went the chandelier, banging off the floor. Suddenly, Crash went back to his usual, gentle self. That was one of his worst fits yet. Joe felt extremely relieved. He loved Crash, but sometimes he was just too much trouble. Out of nowhere, Crash started springing up and down on his chair ferociously. There he went again!


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  1. Hi I wrote this version of the 100 wc too. I love the descriptive words. What does ARCHIVE FLAG mean?

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