Covid 19 by Callum

One day my mam, dad, sister, brothers daughter I decided to go on a walk decided to have long walk. As we were walking down the long road somebody sneezed and he was not wearing mask he was an idiot. As we finished our walk we had to get food for dinner suddenly John started to feel sick so we rushed home. He lay down in his bed all day long poor John. The next day we went to the hospital it turned out John has covid oh noooooooooo. We were worried and scared he felt really ill.

2 thoughts on “Covid 19 by Callum”

  1. Writing scary stories can sometimes be a helpful way of dealing with scary situations. I am a bit confused as to who exactly John is in the family tree as he wasn’t mentioned your opening sentence but was clearly on the family walk. In my imagination the road was in the country with trees on either side.

  2. i like you covid story i liked it when you sayed you desided to talk the long whalk so it souned more real

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