The Colourful Disaster – by Caitlin

The year is 4027. Me and my pal Joey were out delivering a container full of jewels when booosh, we shrank and our hovercraft started to loose control. We fell into an open window of an old ladies house. Joey grabbed the thing-a-ma-bob and pulled us to a stop but we crash landed into the old ladies lamp. The hovercraft and the lamp collided into a colourful disaster all over the carpet. The old lady walked in and let out a scream as she stepped onto the pointy, sharp and colourful jewels. She saw me and my partner joey and asked us what the jewels were for.

One thought on “The Colourful Disaster – by Caitlin”

  1. What a fantastic story Caitlin! You’ve really used your imagination for this picture, and written one of my favourite stories of the year so far! Were you and Joey able to tell the old lady what the jewels were for? I hope that they didn’t hurt her feet too much, and that you were able to fix your hovercraft. Keep up the great writing!

    Mr. Russell
    Team 100
    Waterford, Ireland

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