Climate Change by Rose

“Humans have evolved so much.”

Started the little girl. She was being filmed by a few climate change activists.

“But we are sometimes really careless and cause things that makes serious damage to us all.”

“I can’t change people’s mind, even though I wish they could think what I’m thinking, I can’t. But all I ask is just for you to at least listen. We all see the damage we caused. And if you can’t feel it, you felt it through the changing weather.”

“I’m only a kid and I feel the climate change. I’m doing what I can like picking up litter when I see it, I know it’s not enough, but still. I know some of you can do so much more.”


“Thank you, I hope filming me helped you guys!”

One thought on “Climate Change by Rose”

  1. I love the filming element to the story, it’s pretty smart. Great job, Brody V. From Mr D’s class

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