Climate Change by Matthew

Tan jumped out of bed lively, he ran downstairs searching for a letter.

Tan shouted “I got the environment letter”!

We can go and pack now. We were going to the jungle.

Tan was so overwhelmed.

When we got there, we found a trail of footsteps they were green.

Who wrote the letter ?

Tan said “the wicked scientist”.

As the adventure went on we found a massive tree-house. I ran up the stairs of the tree-house. Tan came up and he said ‘it’s so warm.’ Suddenly a holographic man appeared and said to Tan, ‘come to you got a job! See ya tomorrow.’

He was a weird species.

2 thoughts on “Climate Change by Matthew”

  1. Hello Matthew,
    You have made good use of four of the prompt words in your interesting story. It left me wondering what job the wicked scientist had in mind. Perhaps in a future story we might find what the job was and if Tan took it.
    Keep writing and sharing your creative ideas.
    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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