Climate Change by Daniels

Come said Josh, look at this the river is dried out I have never seen the river bed so dry said Toms.

How had this happened said Josh.

I don’t know said Toms maybe from the climate change.

It could be the answer we need to go to the bus because it will go in 10 minutes.

Ok said Toms let’s go. We arrived at Los Angeles at 11.47 pm it was a long ride home. The next morning we went to a scientist who told us about climate change and how long ago the river dried out, it was dried out for two years!

2 thoughts on “Climate Change by Daniels”

  1. This is a very thoughtful story Daniels. I really like the way you have brought climate change into your story, but you have still included friends and made it quite personal. Your story is set out very clearly and is easy to follow. I like the way you bring it to an end by telling us the length of time the river had been dried out.

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