Christmas Dinner by Cillian

It was Christmas Eve and my whole family were having dinner at my granny and grandad’s house. My granny,grandad,mam and I were preparing the food. We approximately made 15 tapas and 2 fish. When the food was ready we all sat at table. The food was lovely. My aunty said the salad was gorgeous but the vinegar was too sharp. Later me and my cousins went the sitting room and talked about how frantic we were to get presents. Earlier I had bought Christmas crackers. We opened them and had great fun. That was a wonderful Christmas Eve.

6 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner by Cillian”

  1. Hi Cillian,
    I like your story because it was different,
    What are tapas?,
    I hope you had great fun,
    By Szymon,
    Mrs Boyce’s Class.

  2. Hi Cillian.
    I loved your story .
    Especially when you opened the christmas crackers.
    Bye for now Tadhg Mrs Boyces Class

  3. Hi Cillian
    I like the way you based your story on Christmas Eve.
    I know what it feels like to want presents on Christmas Eve.
    I like some of the words you used like frantic and approximately.
    Great story
    From Matthew D
    Mrs Boyce’s class
    Please comment on my story

  4. Hi Cillian
    I like the way that it was Christmas time,
    I love pulling Christmas Crackers as well.
    By for now Danny Mrs Boyce’s Class

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