Chestnut – by Benito

One lovely day, I was in my garden. I was trying to reach a horse chestnut. Finally I managed to grab one, suddenly when I opened it a rat was inside. “Ahhhhh” I screamed as the rat bit me. I searched up the rat on the internet, and it turns out that it is a poisonous. I could not believe my eyes. My mum had to take me to the hospital because I passed out. At this point I woke up feeling 100% better. Suddenly I started to forget how I even passed out.

4 thoughts on “Chestnut – by Benito”

  1. Hi Benito! That was a very frightening experience. I don’t think I’ll be cracking open too many Horse chestnuts after reading your story!

  2. Hi Benito, I really love your piece because all the things you said could be possibly real there are poisonous rats,there are people who go to the hospital when they get bit from something poisonous,last people do pass out when they get bit from some thing that is poisonous.Another thing I like about your post is the horse chestnuts because there was a rat in it and i love horse’s and those cute pet rat’s since my best friend has one.Good Job and keep writing.


  3. Hi Benito,
    I like your story because it has lots of descriptions,
    It reminds of a film when a man went to a forest and broke some horse chestnuts,
    I wonder why did you broke the horse chestnuts,
    Bye for now from Wojciech,
    Mrs Boyce’s class.

  4. Hi Benito
    I liked your story because I liked the way when you opened it there was a rat inside great story.
    From Liam A
    Mrs. Boyces class

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