Aliens – by Whitney

People in my neighborhood say that aliens lived on earth before humans. But I never seemed to have believed them. One bright and sunny afternoon me and Preston, my friend, went out to the woods which is only a few minutes away. When we got there it was full of, ALIENS!!! They were coming for revenge. We hid under a big tree watching them run. Suddenly an alien saw us, we ran back home. I told my mom, then my mom said I sould never ever go there again. Now I am still thinking if aliens used to live in the world.

10 w/c – Whitney

One day Tom had to babysit three children but they were really little and a bunch of stubborn rascals. Once they took Tom’s milk and poured it out of the window and it came down the drainpipe. They even once broke down Tom’s door. Tom really didn’t want to babysit but he had to. He tried to be very nice to them but they were just as bad as ever, they jumped, ran, kicked scratched and bit. Tom could not take it any more so he went to bed and didn’t talk to them. They were sorry.

100 w/c – Whitney

One damp rainy day a man named Thomas had a job of selling souvenirs. Coming out of his house he saw three sisters, he asked if he could take their picture. They let him, but when he took the picture they turned into stone. He wanted to sell them but it would be lots of money, so he just took them for himself. Thomas was tired after all his walking and he went to bed. Suddenly Thomas heard wicked laughs, he was as scared as a little girl. But what he saw made him jump out of his skin….The stone sisters.

100 w/c – Whitney

I was moving house to Hollywood.  Coming into my new house I felt sad because I was leaving all my friends behind. Me and my mum were trying to look for a school for me, then my mum found the perfect school. I was going to school when at the top of the school roof I saw a man-made hand. It was really big so I took a picture of it and showed my parents.

My Holidays by Whitney

In the beginning of my holiday, on Monday, it was Christmas Day. We opened our presents after that we went to my aunty’s house and it was lots of fun.  We played with the Wii and other games. Then we had to go home.  The next day was Boxing Day. My mom went shopping all day and got some things for me.  Then on the 27th it was my mom and dad’s birthday. But we had it on the 31st. We went to McDonald’s and had lots of fun.  On the 1st of January my friends and cousins came to my house. We had lots of fun.

1[00 w/c Whitney

I came back from school feeling very tired. I went to the living room to watch television. But before I went in I heard a very weird noise. When I went in I saw a….MONKEY. He was as small as an apple but as hairy as a tree. The monkey was so angry that he threw my laptop away. It broke, oh no all the keys fell out . The monkey had already run off . The next day I got a new one! Yes!I am so happy!

The Sandwich Holiday – Whitney

A fat weird place called Sandwich is where my family and I went on our holiday.  When we got there the place was busy.  At the end of the road was a lovely big house.  That was the one my parents rented.  I was about to use my phone when I saw a sandwich.  I ate it and I was energetic.  I could run faster. I hurried downstairs for lunch. On my plate lay a white sandwich. Battery, my brother, loves sandwiches so much. On his birthday, which is today, they got him sandwich shoes.

100 w/c Whitney

One day me an my friend were in the woods near our house  We were close to a tree so we stopped there.  Our of nowhere a five foot guy came over to the tree we were at.  He was wearing a black garment, He didn’t see to see us.  We quickly went to another tree and stared at him, he was looking at a note on the tree.  He was walking near to us but his head was down all the time.  He grabbed Josh, but I kicked him.  We both ran home. We told my Mom and we never went back to the woods.

100 w/c Whitney

Once upon  a time I was in my bedroom with my friend Tyler.  We were eating jellies on my bed.  We heard my big brother coming.  Then we said ‘but where will we hide it it all?’

Next we stuffed them under my pillow.  When my big brother came in we tried to look normal. We fooled him.  After all that drama we had our sweets in peace.  Then we played on my PS4.

Would you ever share your jellies?

100 w/c – Whitney

I was coming back from a wedding with my Dad. My sister and my Mom came back from a friend’s house. My sister was having a sleep over in my cousin’s house.  Before we left we had dinner then I went to bed. A few minutes into my sleep my sister woke me up and said ‘I think there’s something under my bed”. I just wanted to go to to sleep but I went to check anyway. I checked and there was nothing there so she went back to bed, but as the door slammed I knew my sister was going to a sleep-over.  I opened the door again but she wasn’t there…..

The Classic Dog – by Whitney

Once there was a dark, dark town and in the dark, dark town was a dark , dark street, and in the dark, dark street was a dark, dark house, and in the dark, dark house was a dark, dark chair and in the dark, dark chair was a classic dog. His name was Max of a thousand lives. He wore a green fluffy scarf and the dog was wearing glasses. ”Hmmm, maybe I should go to the dog show,” said Max.

So he sneaked out of the house and when he was there he saw other types of dog. He entered and won best classic dog.

Professor Problem – by Whitney

One day lived a Crocodile, but not just a normal Crocodile a professor Crocodile. He was in the zoo , he was trying to invent something but it was to difficult because there was too much noise. He pressed the purple button and his cage opened, he sneaked to the red and pressed it. When it’s on it means something bad has happened. They told every one to leave and they checked the place but it was all fine. “Finally peace and quiet” to finish it up he twisted the sides and he was done, he made a teleporter then he said “I’m out.

Big Or Small – Whitney

One day two girls, named Kylie and Kim, watched t.v all day and barely even slept. “Hey let’s watch the news today said Kim.”
“Ok” said Kylie.
They changed it to news and they saw small men.
“Wait a minute!” said Kim. ” Is it that the man is big and the light bulb is very big”? “This is so confusing,”said Kylie.
“I think I know it”! said Kim. “There can’t be a huge light bulb anywhere in this world that has weird stuff coming out of it.”, she said.
“Well I guess this is a mystery to us and the world.”

(100 w/c Whitney) Little Investigators

Nikki and Layla want to be investigators when they grow up.They have read investigating books and they watched CSI . One day they were playing with their dog Taffy and they went inside to get some food for him but when they came out Taffy was gone “Oh No!” said Nikki and Layla. They went to look for him in the woods.

“Let’s go look in woods”said Layla,

“I’m not going there”said Nikki.

“Look our dog has gone missing so,what lies ahead of him”said Layla. They went to the woods and the saw Taffy they were so happy and they went home.