The Beach Adventure

Walking along the beach I found a big plastic bag, seeing lots of other stuff like cans bottles even a pan,
“interesting ” I thought to myself,
picking up the rubbish and trash I saw a green dot in the sundown , walking up the big and grassy hill I finally made up,
“I knew it, I knew that at least 1 bin was somewhere but look there are lots of bins, 1st one is for doe doe’s , the other one is for cans, the third one is for glass bottles,
forth one’s for toys, fifth ones for glass bottles as well, sixth one’s for cardboard . Grabbing a bag I ran down to pick up as many rubbish as I could…………..

By Ariana

Recycling day

During the week our class had collected lots of things that could be recycled and had brought them in to class. Our teacher had said that we will bring them down to the beach on Friday where the recycling bins are as our school is close to the beach. As I woke up on Friday my mam called me she told me she was coming too as she is in the parents association. Walking down to the beach we talked about the things we had brought to be recycled. When we got there we put the things into the recycling bin.

by molly

Community Bins by Jack

During the week we save up all our tins, bottles, Jars & paper to recycle at the bins by the beach.  Ever Saturday morning after we have our breakfast we load up the car with all our recyclable items.  We then head down to the beach.  I love throwing in the glass bottles and hear them smash nosily as they go in the green brown and white glass bins. Next is the turn for the plastic which fall silently down. Lastly comes the turn for all the papers and magazines.  Now I get to run, splash and play in the water.

Re-cycling Fun by Ryan

I love re-cycling with my Nanna.  The re-cycling bins look so funny.  They look like they are aliens from outer space.  There are six of them.  We mostly use the glass and can bins.  The reason I love going is because the bins are right beside the seaside.  After we re-cycle we go for a walk along the beach.  I collect sea shells and look for crabs when the tide is out.  One sunny day my Nanna and me went to re-cycling some bottles.  I heard the ice-cream van and we got two 99’s.  They were lovely.  Re-cycling day is fun.

Beach bins!

One day I walked down to the beach with my friends.And we saw these bins and they had colours on them,There was red,grey,green,white,brown and blue.But the blue one was different to the others.The rest had two holes but the blue one had a weird looking hole.The red one had bottles,the grey had cans,the green,white and brown were glass bottles.And the problem wit the blue was that it was paper.

“This beach safety sign is hurting my back!”

“well deal with it”

“ye! Deal with it”


“I know you are but what am I”


The Alien Bins, By Evan

“All clear”

“Not sure, ask Goggle”  replied Dernanjant. 

“Is it clear, Goggle?”


“Good, shuffle over a bit “.

A handsome boy, called Evan, heard a group of aliens that looked like bins planning to take over the world. After a while, the boy arrived at the small police station.  When the boy told them what he had heard, the police force just laughed at him and said while still giggling “do you know it is against the law to waste policemen’s time on lies?”.

“But… but I’m not” complained the boy.

“We’ll soon see about that” said the amused policeman. After twenty long years the world got taken over by aliens.

The adventures of the adventurous Bonnie and Caroline episode 2 Alien bins!!!!!

Me and Caroline  were walking to the vet  with the  injured  puppy in my arms. Before we went in we saw  mysterious  rocket .It had steam coming out. Me and Caroline  quickly  dropped the puppy at the vet. Caroline said “Um , I think we should go out  now “.”I  agree  “. After a while  we went outside  to see what was out there .”OMG  what are they “. The creepy bins said they were alien bins. They also said  that they were  going to destroy the town . We quickly ran down to the  beach. “We’re  going to be dead ” cried Caroline. The alien bins captain had a big smile on its face .I have an idea . That’s when  the real  adventure  started……………

By Najat



Jim bob-joe is caught. BY ALEX

We were on a secret mission to catch a deadly criminal name Jim bob-joe. We were spying on him in very big bins. Two of us fit in just one bin. It was going well until my partner farted in the bin “God help me” I said. A while later he sneezed on me it was disgusting in there. Suddenly we saw Jim bob-joe run out of a jewellery store with bags of jewellery. A month later they caught him. The police put him in a reinforced prison because he had broken out of prison ten times . He was never seen again.

Recycling Day

Today is recycling day. I can’t wait! My mom hated recycling day because she hates recycling. My mom said she’s not going. Hannah, my big sister had loads of trash. I guess Hannah is going to bring me. I have loads of trash in my bin. We took mom’s trash as well.                                               “Don’t take my trash!” shouted mom.                                                                We ignored mom and took her trash and went to the beach. Ray put the trash in the bins. After we put our litter in the bin, Ray had a party for a few hours for the people who attended recycling day. Mom looked very jealous when we came home……


Running down the road I saw  six recycling bins they looked like creatures it was weird. I went home and I went to bed and the recycling bins were actually creatures! And they came to my house that night and they messed up my room! And I woke up  my room was a mess! I found out it was the recycling bin. I went to them and talked to them                                              ” are you six recycling bins creatures”?                                                              ” Yes”.                                                                                                                      ” Why did you mess my room”?                                                                       ” Because we wanted too”.

And I went home to clean my room and it was late so I went to sleep the creatures came back!


Light Blue Box

It was Sunday morning I was in my bedroom colouring in my colouring book. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door but no one was there. I was half way up stairs and the door knock again, I opened the door but no one was there. Walking to my room I heard a knock on the door I opened the door and I saw a light blue box. Scarily I put my hand in to the box and I felt something moving and it was fluffy. When I open the box I scrammed and said ” AAAhhhhh it’s a little husky, WOW!”, I was really happy.


Kadee Thomas

Hi my name is Kadee Thomas. I am the worlds greatest inventor.
I am after ordering a mystery box it is very exciting I can’t wait for it to come . Now let’s start my day.
Monday. Of to get myself some parts for my new invention need a lightbulb . check .need some metal parts .check . New screwdriver .still need to get ok now let’s get back to my shop.
Tuesday. loads of costemers in my shop yay! !! Now need to finish the rest of my envention .
Wednesday. Finally the mystery box has arived.I put my hands in the box and I felt ……..1,000,010 euro


The Box

It was my birthday!! I invited loads of people to my house. When It was time to party, everyone gave me and my brother gifts. Even my mum and dad. The were wrapped in paper in a box. I picked up something in the box and I felt paper. I said: I will give you something big. What?! Come outside. I got outside. What the…? It was a big teddy bear! It was amazing! They put it down and I could climb on it. I got to the top. I was so high. I could see my friends house from here. This is a good gift. Thanks mum and dad.